I FORGOT MYSELF SOMEWHERE [Short documentary] - Work: Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer.

A TWIRLING DAY [Experimental short film] - Work: Co-Director/Dop/Producer.

I watched this again today and it’s so much like a dream or something; the slow motion, the piano, the narrator’s voice, the images of children... Does it make anyone think of how we might find the afterlife feeling?
— Mark Larimore on vimeo.

BOTILLERO [Portrait] - Work: Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer.

L&D IN FUERTEVENTURA [Portrait] - Work: Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer.

Invokes the deepest aware states... beautiful and moving... spectacular video!
— Joseph Woodhouse, [Arkofawareness]

NIGHTSURF [Video] - Work: Director/Dp/Editor/Producer.

GETTING LOST [Video] - Work: Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer.

I don’t usually comment on videos...but this.... This is gonna sound weird, but it actually made me cry. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t even have words. This is beyond amazing.
— Moses Malone, Photographer on vimeo.

ROPE [Portrait] - Work: Director/Dp/Editor/Producer.

SIN NOTICIAS DE GLUB [Videoclip] - Work: Director/Dp/Editor/Producer.


commercial work

Iker was a great partner to work with. He is hugely passionate and has a strong creative eye that means he always delivered great content that has been thoughtfully put together from start to end.
— Martina Luger Nike Europe Brand Director [Linkedin]

VANS [Out of bounds] - Work: Director/Dp/Editor/Producer. (Script, creativity: Pantoma)

MANCHEGO [Diferente al resto] - Work: Director/Dp/Editor/Producer. (Creativity/script: Becool agency)

COLA CAO [Vamos] - Work: Director/Underwater cinematographer/Editor. (Script/Creativity: Ddo)

VODAFONE [El Español mas rápido] Director | Dop (Agency/script: Chéil )

FORD MOTOR COMPANY [Sin Limites] - Work: Director/Cinematographer/Editor. (Script/Creativity: Ogilvy)

CANAL + [Go Aritz EP01 /03] Director | Dop | Editor.

NIKE “One way" [ A surf-lifestyle documentary ] Runing time: 40 min. Director| Dp | Editor |Producer.

WOODGLASS “Volta as mans” Director| Dp | Editor |Producer.